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We offer a variety of dental procedures including, but not limited to, adult and child cleanings, scaling and root planing, crowns and bridges, tooth colored resin fillings, root canals, teeth whitening, implant restorations, simple extractions, dentures, veneers, night guards, and Invisalign.

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Wholistic Dentistry


Crowns and Bridges

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Tooth Colored Fillings

We believe that treating the whole person is imperative to building a strong dental foundation. We strive to educate you on dental issues and how they can impact the rest of your body. To do this, we provide a thorough "first visit" exam that includes a full mouth series of x-rays, intraoral photographs, an oral cancer screening, a periodontal examination, and a cleaning when no periodontal disease is present. We work closely with dental specialists and medical doctors to ensure that you are receiving the best whole body care.

Crowns are tooth shaped, porcelain caps that cover a tooth and have the appearance of a natural tooth. Crowns are needed for several reasons, including a tooth that has had a root canal, is chipped or broken, has a large filling that needs to be replaced, or cosmetic reasons. If a tooth is missing, crowns can be anchored onto the teeth adjacent to the space and hold a crown in between them. This is called a bridge. We work closely with our labs to create beautiful, comfortable crowns that mimic the original shape, shade, and bite of your natural tooth.

Tooth colored fillings have replaced the use of silver, metal fillings and are a superior material. They adhere to the teeth through a bonding mechanism, which means that a minimal amount of tooth structure needs to be removed to place this type of filling. The fillings match the shade of your natural tooth and can be used when the tooth has a cavity or for cosmetic reasons.

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Teeth Whitening





Glo technology has enabled people to brighten their smile up to twelve shades in under an hour. With our in office treatment, you leave with whiter teeth immediately, and maintain that beautiful shade at your convenience with your own take home kit. There is virtually no sensitivity due to the combination of light and warm heat innovation, and there are no messy trays or strips!

Implants are used to replace missing teeth. They are placed by a specialist and after a period of healing, a crown is either cemented or screwed onto the implant. The implant and crown are permanent and do not get removed. The crown that is placed on the implant will match the shade and shape of the surrounding teeth and looks completely natural.

Dentures are a way to replace missing teeth, and with modern technology, they don't have to come in and out of your mouth! Although conventional, removable dentures are still an option, we also offer dentures that can be fixed onto implants. They not only offer superb aesthetics, but they also offer functionality and the ability to chew and taste food like your original, natural teeth.



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